Sexual and Gender Based Violence Program

SGBV is a pervasive endemic throughout the world with children and women as the most vulnerable. World Health Organization estimates that SGBV kills as many women between the ages of 15 and 44 as cancer. In Kenya 45% of women between ages 15 – 49 have expe¬ri-enced either physical or sexual violence with women and girls accounting for 90% of the gender based violence (GBV) cases reported. Reports continue to increase in Kenya with the current statistics indicating that a woman or a girl is raped every thirty minutes. Addressing SGBV requires comprehensive, collaborative, multi-disciplinary, multi-level, and holistic strategies by all service providers, mainly the police, judicial officers, doctors and the public.

The Sexual and Gender Based program is aimed at instituting reforms in tackling SGBV so as to improve the rate of successful prosecutions and convictions of sexual offences. The program;